Australian VPS Hosting Provider Announces 1-Click Application Installs

cloud-vps-hosting-servermuleServerMule, a Sydney based cloud hosting start-up which provides SSD-powered Linux and Windows VPS hosting on 100% owned infrastructure, has announced the launch of 1-click Application Servers, allowing developers and site owners to install their favorite applications and stacks on their cloud server with a single click.

ServerMule claims its 1-click Application install service trumps similar services because of its unique configurability. Not only can customers automatically install the latest version of their chosen application, they can configure it too, customizing the stack based on their requirements.

ServerMule’s VPS hosting clients have a growing range of applications to choose from. The platform already supports cPanel VPS, WordPress, Drupal, LAMP and Nginx. Other applications such as Ruby on Rails, Magento and OwnCloud are in the pipeline. ServerMule promises that a chosen application is automatically installed in less than 60 seconds, when clients spin-up their new virtual servers.

Key-benefits of ServerMule’s 1-click Application Servers include:

  • Deployment of fully configured servers and applications ‘in minutes’
  • Pre-Installed applications on a dedicated VPS Service would save time and money
  • Enterprise-grade orchestration across ServerMule’s VPS Cloud Hosting platform

“Some of our customer want to run WordPress on Apache, others prefer Nginx. Others want a host based firewall and some don’t. None of them want to spend a day setting it all up and now they don’t have to,” said Nick Bryant, ServerMule CEO. “Our One-click Application Install feature saves developers and site owner’s time and money. It simplifies server deployment without compromising control.”