Auto-Clustering, Vertical and Horizontal Scaling of MariaDB within Jelastic PaaS

Availability and performance have a direct business impact for most of the companies nowadays. No one wants to lose money because of occasional downtime or data loss. Thus, to minimize the risk and ensure an extra level of redundancy, clustering and automatic scaling should be used. In this video Ruslan Synytsky presented how Jelastic PaaS implemented auto-clustering of MariaDB by providing the customers with different replication options out-of-box with no need in manual configurations. It is also detailed how to automate vertical and horizontal scaling of databases running in the cloud.

MariaDB Auto-Сlustering with Load Balancing and Replication for High Availability and Performance
MariaDB Galera Cluster Replication
Schedule Backups for MariaDB Databases

Duration: 00:29:44
Publisher: Jelastic Cloud
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