Automating Large Scale Cloud Migrations to GCP with Velostrata (Cloud Next ’18)

Large scale migration of hundreds or thousands of applications can be a daunting, risky and painfully slow project. It can also lead to serious impact on productivity, especially when it comes to migrating production workloads, and might result in an overly sized and hence high post-migration costs.

In this session we will present the Velostrata technology and solution offering, recently acquired by Google Cloud. Velostrata enables enterprises to accelerate and simplify migration of thousands of complex workloads in a fast, predictable and reliable way, while lowering the migration risks and rightsizing the post migration deployment. We will cover the Velostrata agentless real-time streaming technology in depth, and describe the product envelope and the migration methodology that makes mass-migration a predictable, safe and cost-effective project. Finally, we will walk through a real case-study of a large-scale migration project and review migration performance statistics collected by the Velostrata Telemetry service.

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Duration: 41:20
Publisher: Google Cloud
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