Automattic and Prime Strategy Partner to Offer WPScan

Prime Strategy - Kusanagi Cloud

WPScan, an enterprise-strength WordPress Security Scanner, has been added to Prime Strategy’s KUSANAGI Cloud. Prime Strategy has entered into a partnership with Automattic to provide WPScan on its KUSANAGI Cloud offering.

WPScan is one of the longest-running WordPress security scanners. It has a database of over 28,000 vulnerabilities for WordPress Core, plugins, and themes that is kept up to date by top WordPress security experts.

WPScan on KUSANAGI Cloud

Before WordPress websites go live, KUSANAGI Cloud performs security assessments. KUSANAGI Cloud’s AI check, in conjunction with WPScan, detects possible security issues during the migration phase and assures comprehensive security.

KUSANAGI Cloud generates security reports for live WordPress websites. KUSANAGI Cloud now scans for known vulnerabilities in WordPress core, themes, and plugins using WPScan’s WordPress vulnerability database.

Prime Strategy and Automattic intend to expand their collaboration over time by strengthening the security of a growing number of WordPress sites and showcasing what is achievable in the open-source ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to add WPScan to Prime Strategy’s KUSANAGI Cloud,” said David Schwister, VP of Strategic Partnerships and Sales, Automattic. “With this partnership, we can ensure a complete WordPress experience, featuring best-in-class performance and security.”