Autoscaling with GKE: Overview and pods

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In the last video, we taught you how to choose the right machine types for your GKE clusters to optimize resources. In this episode of Beyond Your Bill, we show you how to best configure vertical and horizontal pod autoscaling for GKE, while helping you understand the relationship between GKE’s workloads and infrastructure. Watch to learn how a better understanding of autoscaling and infrastructure can optimize your performance and costs for Google Kubernetes Engine!

0:00 – Intro
0:56 – Fine-tune GKE autoscaling →
1:54 – Horizontal Pod Autoscaler →
3:28 – Vertical Pod Autoscaler →
5:39 – Horizontal and Vertical Pod Autoscalers together
6:31 – Outro

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Product: Google Kubernetes Engine; fullname: Mark Mirchandani;


Duration: 00:07:02
Publisher: Google Cloud
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