Avere Systems Announces Virtual NAS Solution for the Cloud

Avere Systems, a hybrid cloud storage vendor based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has unveiled FXT Edge Filer, a virtual NAS platform that provides the ability to deploy and scale compute in the cloud while using both on-premises and cloud-based storage resources.

“With this software-only version of Avere’s FXT Edge Filer series, companies can finally connect the dots between the compute cloud, storage cloud, and on-premises storage without sacrificing performance, worrying about security, or breaking the bank,” said Ron Bianchini, president and CEO, Avere Systems. “Avere is excited that this virtual NAS solution will enable companies to take advantage of the flexibility and enormous scale of cloud computing with no radical changes to applications or storage infrastructure.”

cloud-storageApplication data is massive and typically stored on the customer premises or in the storage cloud, both of which have high latency to the compute cloud. Avere Systems is changing this with its virtual NAS solution that delivers its “record-setting” Edge Filer technology in a software-only product that runs in the compute cloud alongside the applications, providing low latency access to the active data and enabling applications to run at maximum performance.

Peak Times

Avere’s Virtual FXT Edge would provide best-in-class NAS functionality (including NFS and SMB/CIFS), and cluster to deliver high availability, scalable performance and capacity. The Virtual FXT can also be used for burst computing in the cloud at peak times with no hardware purchases or long-term commitment to software licenses, allowing companies to provision compute on a pay-as-you-go monthly basis.

The Avere Virtual FXT is generally available and can be purchased directly from Avere Systems and authorized resellers and deployed by customers as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) within AWS EC2.