Aviz Networks Debuts Networking 3.0 Stack with GenAI-Powered Network Copilot

Aviz Networks booth SONIC

With its open network approach, Aviz Networks continues to break barriers. The company just announced the completion of its Networking 3.0 Stack, which is a comprehensive suite that includes ONES for network operations, OPB for Packet Brokers, and the new GenAI-based conversational Network Copilot.

Aviz Networks is a provider of open, cloud, and AI-first networks. By using this stack, Aviz would be able to provide complete solutions that are not dependent on any one vendor and include data centers, edge networks, and AI fabrics. When it comes to interoperability across numerous ASICs, switches, NOS, clouds, and LLMs, the Networking 3.0 Stack would provide network owners with the ability to make choices and exercise control, which in turn would enable them to realize significant cost savings.

Alan Weckel, co-founder and technology analyst for 650 Group
“GenAI-driven network management will be a key component to how system administrators manage their networks over the next several years,” said Alan Weckel, co-founder and technology analyst for 650 Group.

Network Copilot has the capability to either produce its own data lake or interact with data lakes that already exist, all while maintaining the ownership of the data with the users. The first edition of Network Copilot makes it possible to install it either on-premises or via Amazon Web Services (AWS). Through the use of open source LLMs, Network Copilot would give its clients the ability to remain current with the most recent advancements in the field of generative artificial intelligence.

Customers have the ability to pre-train models for their own network benchmarks using Network Copilot, which also enables continuous model training and fine-tuning with real-time data from their networks. This strategy opens the door to a variety of possible use cases, including the enhancement of network operations, the guarantee of compliance, the optimization of capacity planning, and many more. In addition, customers have the chance to engage together with the Aviz Prompt Engineering team to investigate and build new use cases that have not yet been realized, therefore pushing the frontiers of innovation in network management.

Vishal Shukla, the CEO of Aviz Networks, said that the company’s solutions provide clients with the ability to standardize their NOS, NetOps, Network Data, and AIOps layers. This would provide customers with the control they need to allow vendor choice while also providing long future value. “The idea of Network Copilot is to remove any obstacles that may prevent network professionals from using GenAI into their day-to-day work environment,” he said. “The capacity to work with GenAI technology is made available to network architects, managers, and executives via the use of Network Copilot, which makes it possible for them to become future leaders in the field of GenAI.”

The Analyst’s Point of View:

“GenAI-driven network management will be a key component to how system administrators manage their networks over the next several years. Insights from any cloud and on-prem network are enhanced through an open stack approach, such as what is now offered by Aviz Networks with Network Copilot,” said Alan Weckel, co-founder and technology analyst for 650 Group. “Building a network stack that is consistent for functionality and integration across any type of ASIC and switch architecture will help drive customers to reach their multi-vendor goals.”

Aviz Networks was established in 2021 with support from important angel investors, Moment Ventures, Accton, Cisco Investments, and Wistron, among other notable investors.