Aviz Networks Raises $10M for Its AI-Driven, Open Networking Software

Aviz Networks booth SONICAviz Networks, a developer of open networking software for cloud-scale infrastructures servicing companies and telecom, has announced that Cisco Investments has joined Moment Ventures, Accton, and Wistron as new investors in its new investment round. The $10 million fundraising round would help accelerate the adoption of SONiC-based open networking and customer momentum for Aviz’s multi-vendor, GenAI-based networking stack.

Aviz Networks’ Networking 3.0 software stack would eliminate complexity and provide AI-driven management tools to enable enterprises realize the performance and cost advantages of hyperscale networks. With its support for many NOS settings and the rapidly expanding SONiC open-source network operating system, Aviz’s stack makes use of large-language models (LLMs) to provide the highest versatility and power.

Over the previous 12 months, Aviz Networks has seen fast expansion, increasing its revenue, client base, and operational manpower to satisfy the expanding demand across several regions. Aviz has had over 30 worldwide client engagements of varying sizes, resulting in a 250% increase in income.

Open, Cloud-enabled, AI-enabled Networks

According to research by communications industry analysis firm 650 Group, during the last three years, SONiC has grown into a multibillion dollar entity in the cloud and data center networking arena. By 2027, it is predicted to reach $8 billion in revenue.

“We are happy to announce the completion of this most recent fundraising round, which was led by Wistron, Accton, Cisco Investments, and Moment Ventures. As we collaborate with clients and our vendor ecosystem, our goal of providing open, cloud-enabled, artificial intelligence-enabled networks for all businesses and telecommunications has quickly come to pass,” said Vishal Shukla, co-founder and CEO of Aviz Networks. “Aviz remains committed to bolstering and capitalizing on community SONiC, while incorporating innovative ideas that improve efficiency, reduce expenses, and expedite the launch of open-cloud networks.”

“Accton is honored to be a part of this investment round alongside other leading global networks, as it demonstrates our dedication to open networking innovation. This year, Aviz Networks has achieved remarkable success in the multibillion dollar open network sector, where SONiC is a key component,” said Jun Shi, CEO and President of Accton Group. “Accton is always happy to work with those that share our collective vision of employing AI and other cutting-edge technologies to meet the networking needs of enterprises and telcos.”

Aleem Rizvon, Vice President of Cisco Investments, said, “Cisco is committed to accelerating innovation in networking to deliver comprehensive solutions to our customers. We are showing our commitment to our partners and customers who value the open-source community by investing in innovative startups like Aviz.”

William Lin, President of corporate & Networking B.G. at Wistron Corporation, said, “Wistron is excited to see the multiple innovations and execution coming from Aviz as an early-stage company extending its reach to address the challenges of enterprise data center and cloud networks. Wistron is taking part in this investment round so that our businesses can collaborate closely to provide enterprises with the appropriate solutions and significant cost savings as driven by strong SONiC edge deployments.”