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Welcome to the fourth episode of Analytics Bytes: A video series where we explore common Startups analytics use cases and how to architect for them. This video describes the need for transactional data lake and explores how to run successful transactional data lakes on AWS. It explains the open source frameworks that integrate with AWS that achieve the transactional behavior on the data lake.

Transactional Data Lakes provide lower ETL time resulting in the end consumer being able to access data with low latency. This enables businesses and their consumers to successfully implement near real time data analytics.

How Nerd Wallet Uses AWS and Apache Hudi to build a serverless, real-time analytics platform:

Process Apache Hudi, Delta Lake, Apache Iceberg Datasets at Scale part 1: AWS Glue Studio Notebook:

Process Apache Hudi, Delta Lake, Apache Iceberg Datasets at Scale part 2: Using AWS Glue Studio Visual Editor:

Crawl Delta Lake tables using AWS Glue crawlers:

To get hands on with Transactional Data Lakes –

Transactional & Mutable Data Lakes on AWS:

Modern Data Lake Storage Layers:

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