AWS Announces Multiple Innovations in the Field of Generative AI

AWS booth

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced multiple innovations in the field of generative artificial intelligence (AI), making it possible for businesses of all sizes to develop new generative AI applications, increase employee productivity, and transform their companies.

Part of this announcement is the fact that Amazon Bedrock is now generally available worldwide. Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service that makes foundation models (FMs) from major AI firms accessible via a single application programming interface (API).

AWS also announced that the Amazon Titan Embeddings model is now widely available and that Llama 2 would be offered as a new model on Amazon Bedrock. This would make Amazon Bedrock one of the first fully managed services to provide Meta’s Llama 2 through an API. This step would provide customers with an even broader selection of FMs.

Amazon CodeWhisperer is AWS‘s AI-powered coding companion. AWS is announcing a new capability for Amazon CodeWhisperer, which will soon be available in preview, that “securely” customizes CodeWhisperer’s code suggestions based on an organization’s own internal codebase. This new capability is aimed at organizations that want to maximize the value that their developers derive from generative AI.

AWS is also releasing a preview of Generative Business Intelligence (BI) authoring capabilities for Amazon QuickSight, a unified business intelligence service built for the cloud. These capabilities would allow customers to create compelling visuals, format charts, perform calculations, and more-all by simply describing what they want in natural language. The goal of this release is to increase the productivity of business analysts.

These innovations, which include Amazon Bedrock, Amazon Titan Embeddings, CodeWhisperer, and QuickSight, would add to the capabilities that AWS offers its customers at all layers of the generative AI stack. These capabilities are suitable for organizations of any size and come with “enterprise-grade” security and privacy, and capabilities for customizing models.

Amazon Bedrock, GoDaddy

Web hosting provider GoDaddy is using Amazon Bedrock to build a generative AI service. As a global domain registrar, commerce, and web hosting company, GoDaddy is serving more than 20 million customers. “At GoDaddy, we aim to help everyday entrepreneurs succeed by giving them the tools for establishing their business, creating a website and brand, marketing to their customers, and managing their work,” said Travis Muhlestein, chief data and analytics officer at GoDaddy. “Today, one of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs and microbusinesses is the lack of funding, time, and resources. We heard from customers that they want to accelerate content creation for end-user engagement, thereby enabling them to expand their business. We are using Amazon Bedrock to build a generative AI service that will help customers easily set up their businesses online, and to more efficiently connect them to relevant suppliers, consumers, resources, and funding opportunities.”

Customers have the ability to experiment with a selection of leading FMs and privately personalize them using their own confidential data thanks to the complete capabilities offered by Amazon Bedrock. Additionally, Amazon Bedrock has distinct features, such as the ability to create managed agents that perform complicated business operations without the need to write any code. These jobs include booking trips, processing insurance claims, developing advertising campaigns, and managing inventories. Customers do not need to manage any infrastructure and can safely integrate and deploy generative AI capabilities into their applications using AWS services that they are already acquainted with since Amazon Bedrock is serverless, which means that customers do not need to manage any infrastructure.

Amazon Bedrock was developed with a focus on consumers’ right to privacy and security, and it makes it simple for users to safeguard critical data. Customers may utilize AWS PrivateLink to build a private and secured connection between Amazon Bedrock and their virtual private cloud (VPC) without exposing any traffic to the public internet. This can be done by connecting Amazon Bedrock to their VPC. In addition, Amazon Bedrock is a service that is HIPAA qualifying and that can be used in accordance with GDPR.

Amazon Bedrock is continuing to broaden its model options with the release of Amazon Titan Embeddings and Llama 2, with the goal of assisting every client in selecting the model that is most suited to their particular use case.

“Over the last year, the proliferation of data, access to scalable compute, and advancements in machine learning (ML) have led to a surge of interest in generative AI, sparking new ideas that could transform entire industries and reimagine how work gets done,” said Swami Sivasubramanian, vice president of Data and AI at AWS. “With enterprise-grade security and privacy, a choice of leading FMs, a data-first approach, and our high-performance, cost-effective infrastructure, organizations trust AWS to power their businesses with generative AI solutions at every layer of the stack. Today’s announcement is a major milestone that puts generative AI at the fingertips of every business, from startups to enterprises, and every employee, from developers to data analysts. With powerful, new innovations, AWS is bringing greater security, choice, and performance to customers, while also helping them to tightly align their data strategy across their organization, so they can make the most of the transformative potential of generative AI.”