AWS Cloud Services Company AllCloud Acquires Integress

AllCloud, a global professional services company and AWS Premier Consulting Partner providing organizations with the tools for cloud enablement and transformation, has acquired Integress, a data analytics firm, to broaden its cloud data and analytics capabilities and help clients accelerate their cloud journeys. Dave Taddei, the founder and CEO of Integress, has joined AllCloud as Senior Vice President, Data and Analytics Practice, North America. The deal’s terms aren’t being revealed.

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AllCloud is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner and a Salesforce Platinum Partner. In Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, the business has a well-established data and analytics practice. AllCloud can now expand its AWS and Salesforce-centric data and analytics capabilities in North America thanks to the acquisition of Integress.

Clients of AllCloud may increasingly rely on the company to help unlock value in their data across Salesforce, AWS, and other important systems as they expand and grow along their cloud journeys.

AWS and Salesforce Expertise

Integress has a track record of assisting clients in achieving their business goals of higher revenue and margins by making data accessible and actionable through cloud data warehousing, sophisticated analytics, and visualizations. Integress, for example, has assisted a transportation logistics business in saving $2 million by extending data access across platforms, stated AllCloud. Integress has clients in the healthcare and life sciences, logistics and transportation, and financial services industries.

According to AllCloud, Integress has also proven competence in offering transformational enterprise-level services, such as its work with Snowflake, Tableau, and Sigma, which would easily fit with AllCloud’s current AWS and Salesforce work.

“The market is almost experiencing the equivalent of a perfect storm,” said Doug Shepard, President, North America of AllCloud. “First of all, the move of organizations to the cloud has been accelerated at a rapid pace over the past 18 months. Secondly, beyond simply moving to the cloud, organizations are appreciating the insights, operational efficiencies and strategic improvements that can be made by properly utilizing their data. Over the last several years, Integress has built an incredible business in this space and has emerged as a true innovation leader. In particular, its deep expertise and experience with Snowflake provides them with unique service offerings. Organizations of all sizes are looking for the services and the scale that the AllCloud and Integress combination will bring through this acquisition.”

Snowflake Expertise

Photo Doug Shepard, President, North America of AllCloud
“Beyond simply moving to the cloud, organizations are appreciating the insights, operational efficiencies and strategic improvements that can be made by properly utilizing their data,” said Doug Shepard, President, North America of AllCloud.

AllCloud’s data and analytics team would collaborate closely with its Salesforce and AWS teams, not just on lead sharing and possibilities, but also on solution and product integration. The Integress acquisition would allow the company to specialize even more while avoiding silos. According to AllCloud, there will be countless possibilities to connect more as AllCloud’s global data and analytics business grows and evolves, particularly with Salesforce, AWS, and new partners like Snowflake.

Integress has developed a series of accelerators that can be used to extend into AWS and Salesforce with data and analytics services, allowing companies to speed their cloud journey further.

“Clients across the spectrum are looking to Integress and AllCloud to provide cloud knowledge and expertise,” said Dave Taddei. “The combination of offerings and our deep experience in multiple areas, whether it is data and analytics, AWS, Salesforce or Snowflake, will provide better opportunities to meet the full range of client needs.”

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