AWS Executive Named CEO of Airtel’s Newly Unveiled Nxtra Africa

Nxtra data centerThe debut of Nxtra by Airtel (Nxtra), an innovative data center company created to satisfy the growing need for data center services throughout the African continent, has been announced by Airtel Africa – a prominent supplier of telecommunications services. Nxtra by Airtel is set to construct one of Africa’s biggest data center networks. They have appointed an ex-AWS data center executive as their CEO.

The objective is to construct high-capacity colocation data centers throughout Airtel Africa’s operational footprint in key urban locations. These data centers are intended to complement the company’s current edge locations, which are strategically positioned in key cities. Geographic dispersion will be put in place to ensure that a broad spectrum of clients, from small startups to significant international corporations, could readily employ the data center colocation services.

Nxtra plans to construct its first facility in Lagos, Nigeria, where it will have the potential to achieve data center capacity of up to 34 MW. According to Airtel Africa, the new colocation data center is scheduled to be online in the middle of 2025. It is built using the newest best practices in construction and is built to accommodate high density racks, achieving an energy efficient, 1.3 power use effectiveness (PUE) figure. Nxtra has hired Yashnath Issur, formerly the Head of Global Data Center Portfolio Management at AWS, as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Photo Yashnath Issur
Nxtra has hired Yashnath Issur as CEO. He was formerly the Head of Global Data Center Portfolio Management at AWS.

With the launch of Nxtra, Airtel Africa has shown its commitment to bolstering the digital infrastructure of the continent. The Group CEO of Airtel Africa, Segun Ogunsanya, underlined the critical need of increasing data center capacity to keep up with the rapidly expanding potential of Africa’s digital economy. In addition to being a smart financial decision, he emphasized that the construction of next-generation data centers is a critical step in opening up new doors for company expansion and promoting economic success in Africa.

Mr. Ogunsanya went on to say, “We’re honored to lead Africa’s digital infrastructure’s future. Our team at Airtel Africa has shown time and time again that we are capable of completing reliable infrastructure projects all throughout the continent. We have no doubt that, with Nxtra, our cutting-edge data centers will help us fulfill our goal of being the go-to partner for clients worldwide while also serving the newest unicorns in Africa’s digital industry.”

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The decision made by Airtel Africa via Nxtra is indicative of the rising tendency among African telecommunications firms to expand their service offerings beyond basic Internet and phone services. By making data center investments, Airtel Africa is putting itself at the forefront of the wave of digital change that is sweeping the continent. This strategic growth is anticipated to meet the growing need for data storage, cloud services, and digital transformation solutions – all of which are necessary for the digitization of a number of industries, including government, healthcare, education, and finance.

Nxtra’s data center construction efforts would add significantly to the digital ecosystem in Africa. In addition to fostering technical innovation and providing solid infrastructure for the continent’s digital demands, it is anticipated to generate new employment. Nxtra’s data center construction efforts would be in line with the more general objectives of improving digital accessibility and connectivity across Africa, which will support the socioeconomic advancement of the continent. Airtel Africa seems to underline its commitment to playing a significant role in Africa’s digital future with this move.