AWS for Lens: New Extension to Manage AWS Clusters with Lens

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AWS is one of the most used cloud resource providers in the world. While AWS has its own Kubernetes management platform, many developers and system administrators loose time and add complexity constantly switching from the AWS controller, to their development environments, and even to other platforms their respective DevOps teams use to deploy and manage Kubernetes with AWS.

Good news! The teams at Mirantis are working on AWS for Lens, the Kuberentes IDE. This new extension would enable developers and system admins to manage AWS services directly from Lens. Now, Lens will provide a single view and a single point of control for managing AWS clusters running Kuberenetes, streamlining your DevOps team’s efficiency.

0:00 – Introducing the Hack
0:05 – Why do this?
0:37 – How it was done
0:53 – Demo: Controlling AWS with Lens
5:10 – A Look at the Future of this Extension
5:40 – Bonus Demo: Linking AWS resources to K8s resources

Duration: 00:06:14
Publisher: Mirantis
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