AWS Innovators – S1E3 Gus & Yumi

Every morning, fashion-student Yumi stares at her wardrobe and turns asks what she should wear. But because choosing the right outfit has as much to do with science—temperature, time of day, season—as it does with style, her husband turned to AWS DeepLens to help her catalogue, and ultimately choose, the perfect outfit every time.

At AWS, we’re inspired by inventors like Agustinus “Gus” Nalwan (featured in this video)—who pour their energy into passion projects, solving problems that others might shrug off. And now, we want to know: Are you one of those people? Have you used AWS tools to build a solution you couldn’t find?

If so, head over to and submit your story so we can feature you next!

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Duration: 00:04:24
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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