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Scale means many things for AWS Innovators. For Izzy Varland, it meant scaling an RC car to a full-sized autonomous go-kart! Starting at age 4, Izzy has partnered with their father and mentor, Todd, to work on go-karts. At 17, Izzy suggested that they make their next kart electric. Todd upped the ante: Izzy should make it autonomous. As Izzy put it, the question they ask at the start of every project is, “Can I possibly do that?” followed by a stubborn, “I’d better be able to do that.”

At AWS, we’re inspired by inventors like Izzy Varland (featured in this video)—who pour their energy into passion projects, solving problems other might not see.

And now, we want to know: Are you one of those people? Have you used AWS tools to build a solution you couldn’t find? Share your story, so we could feature you next:

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