AWS re:Invent 2014 | (MED305) Achieve Consistently High Throughput for Large Data Xfers w/ Amazon S3

A difficult problem for users of Amazon S3 that deal in large-form data is how to consistently transfer ultralarge files and large sets of files at fast speeds over the WAN. Although a number of tools are available for network transfer with S3 that exploit its multipart APIs, most have practical limitations when transferring very large files or large sets of very small files with remote regions. Transfers can be slow, degrade unpredictably, and for the largest sizes fail altogether. Additional complications include resume, encryption at rest, encryption in transit, and efficient updates for synchronization.
Aspera has expertise and experience in tackling these problems and has created a suite of transport, synchronization, monitoring, and collaboration software that can transfer and store both ultralarge files (up to the 5 TB limit of an S3 object) and large numbers of very small files (millions andlt; 100 KB) consistently fast, regardless of region.
In this session, technical leaders from Aspera explain how to achieve very large file WAN transfers and integrate them into mission-critical workflows across multiple industries. EVS, a media service provider to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil explains how they used Aspera solutions for the delivery of high-speed, live video transport, moving real-time video data from sports matches in Brazil to Europe for AWS-based transcoding, live streaming, and file delivery. Sponsored by Aspera.

Duration: 00:49:32
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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