AWS re:Invent 2015 | (BDT314) A Big Data & Analytics App on Amazon EMR & Amazon Redshift

No matter the industry, leading organizations need to closely integrate, deploy, secure, and scale diverse technologies to support workloads while containing costs. Nasdaq, Inc.—a leading provider of trading, clearing, and exchange technology—is no exception.

After migrating more than 1,100 tables from a legacy data warehouse into Amazon Redshift, Nasdaq, Inc. is now implementing a fully-integrated, big data architecture that also includes Amazon S3, Amazon EMR, and Presto to securely analyze large historical data sets in a highly regulated environment. Drawing from this experience, Nasdaq, Inc. shares lessons learned and best practices for deploying a highly secure, unified, big data architecture on AWS.

Attendees learn:

Architectural recommendations to extend an Amazon Redshift data warehouse with Amazon EMR and Presto.

Tips to migrate historical data from an on-premises solution and Amazon Redshift to Amazon S3, making it consumable.

Best practices for securing critical data and applications leveraging encryption, SELinux, and VPC.

Duration: 45:10
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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