AWS re:Invent 2015 | (CMP301) AWS Lambda and the Serverless Cloud

With AWS Lambda you can easily build scalable microservices for mobile, web, and IoT applications or respond to events from other AWS services without managing infrastructure. In this session you’ll see demonstrations and hear more about newly launched features, as well as a recap of the languages, tools, and features added over the last several months. We’ll show you how to use Lambda to build mobile backends, create web, IoT, and voice-enabled apps, and extend both AWS and third party services by triggering Lambda functions – all without the need for servers or other infrastructure. We’ll also provide productivity and performance tips for getting the most out of your Lambda functions and show how cloud native architectures use Lambda to eliminate “cold servers” and excess capacity without sacrificing scalability or responsiveness.

Duration: 35:25
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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