AWS re:Invent 2015 | (CMP404) Cloud Rendering at Walt Disney Animation Studios

Each year, the technical complexity of making the next great Walt Disney Animation Studios film increases. Animation and Visual FX studios continue to push the bounds of what is possible in computer graphics. This complexity drives rapid technological growth in both computational resources and storage to the point that it exceeds what we can physically provide with our on-premise compute cluster. As a result, we have started to adopt a hybrid approach with the cloud.

This session addresses the hurdles that animation and VFX studios face and focuses on automation of ‘disposable’ components (specifically infrastructure, licensing, fleet management, data and dependency management in a large-scale batch workload). We apply these general cloud techniques and utilities to an animation/VFX workload and push the limits with a very large scale cloud renderfarm deployment.

Duration: 24:49
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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