AWS re:Invent 2016: Development Workflow with Docker and Amazon ECS (CON302)

Keeping consistent environments across your development, test, and production systems can be a complex task. Docker containers offer a way to develop and test your application in the same environment in which it runs in production. You can use tools such as the ECS CLI and Docker Compose for local testing of applications; Jenkins and AWS CodePipeline for building and workflow orchestration; Amazon EC2 Container Registry to store your container images; and Amazon EC2 Container Service to manage and scale containers. In this session, you will learn how to build containers into your development workflow and orchestrate container deployments using Amazon ECS. You will hear how Okta runs 30,000 tests per developer commit and releases 10,000 new lines of code each week to production with a CI system based on 100% AWS services. We’ll also discuss how Okta uses ECS for parallelized testing in CI and for production microservices in a multi-region, always on cloud service.

Duration: 55:21
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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