AWS re:Invent 2016: Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity for Financial Institutions (FIN302)

Modern financial services organizations rely heavily on technology and automated systems to run business-as-usual. However, if this technology were interrupted by natural disasters or other events, there could be a devastating impact on investors and market participants, and in turn your reputational brand. In this session, we provide a step-by-step disaster recovery solution employed by a major exchange. This solution leverages Amazon EC2 Container Service to provide Docker containers, Weave Net to support a multicast overlay network that enables high volume multicast feeds in a cloud environment, and AWS CloudFormation for the ability to easily create and manage AWS assets. The session also covers the importance of redundancy (not just operationally, but for SEC compliance reasons as well) and how financial services organizations can increase geographical diversification of their primary and disaster recovery data centers. We dive deep into each major component of the solution.

Duration: 54:48
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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