AWS re:Invent 2016: DNS Demystified: Amazon Route 53, featuring Warner Bros. (NET202)

Whether you’re running a simple website, a mobile app, or a suite of business applications, DNS is a fundamental part of any architecture in the cloud. In this mid-level architecture session, we’ll cover everything you need to get started with Amazon Route 53, AWS’s highly-available DNS service. You’ll learn how to use public DNS, including routing techniques such as weighted round-robin, latency-based routing, and geo DNS; how to configure DNS failover using health checks; how and when to use private DNS within your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC); and how Amazon Route 53 interacts with Amazon EC2’s DNS for instance naming and DNS resolution across your network.

We will conclude the session with a real-world migration example. Warner Bros. Entertainment recently completed a full DNS migration to Route 53. Vahram Sukyas, Vice President, Application Infrastructure & Operations at Warner Bros. Entertainment, will share details on his team’s architecture, migration strategy, and lessons learned which are useful for enterprises and startups alike.

Duration: 42:59
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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