AWS re:Invent 2016: High Performance Computing on AWS (CMP207)

High performance computing in the cloud is enabling high scale compute- and graphics-intensive workloads across industries, ranging from aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing to life sciences, financial services, and energy. AWS provides application developers and end users with unprecedented computational power for massively parallel applications, in areas such as large-scale fluid and materials simulations, 3D content rendering, financial computing, and deep learning. This session provides an overview of HPC capabilities on AWS, describes the newest generations of accelerated computing instances (including P2), as well as highlighting customer and partner use-cases across industries.

Attendees learn about best practices for running HPC workflows in the cloud, including graphical pre- and post-processing, workflow automation, and optimization. Attendees also learn about new and emerging HPC use cases: in particular, deep learning training and inference, large-scale simulations, and high performance data analytics.

Duration: 1:55
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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