AWS re:Invent 2016: How A Federal Agency Transformed Work and Adopted DevOps with GitHub (DEV204)

In this session, you’ll hear from GitHub and Accenture Federal Services, a trusted advisor to the US government, on why they have continued to invest in the adoption of and transition to cloud services. After migrating to AWS cloud, one agency deployed GitHub, the cloud-hosted, distributed version control and collaboration platform, as the backbone of its DevOps program.

Now, thousands of users on software development teams at the agency collaborate both internally and with other agencies faster and more efficiently than ever before. Learn how they decreased duplicative work, raised the quality of their code, and greatly increased delivery velocity.

Our Accenture Federal Services speaker will share details on what it’s like to run GitHub Enterprise on AWS for a federal agency, including the unique challenges and solutions that stem from running an appliance in the cloud, and advice for others considering this path. Session sponsored by GitHub.

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Duration: 39:2
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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