AWS re:Invent 2016: IoT Security: The New Frontiers (IOT302)

Only year ago we launched AWS IoT, and at re:Invent we showed how AWS IoT makes it easy to secure millions of connected devices. However, we have learned from our customers that a number of unique security challenges for the Internet of Things (IoT) exist.

In this presentation we will go through our updated vision on device provisioning, firmware updates, securing communication between devices and AWS IoT endpoints, updating policies to control the actions devices can make, isolating the control and data planes in firmware, and securely integrating AWS IoT with broader AWS services ecosystem.

In addition to discussing basic AWS IoT provisioning patterns, we will concentrate on new features, such as Bring Your Own Certificate, support for ECC certificates and cyphers, and provisioning devices in constrained environments using Just-In-Time Registration.

This session will demonstrate how customers can identify and protect their IoT infrastructure from rogue devices or targeted attacks.

Duration: 59:53
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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