AWS re:Invent 2016: Real-Time Data Exploration and Analytics (BDM302)

Elasticsearch is a fully featured search engine used for real-time analytics, and Amazon Elasticsearch Service makes it easy to deploy Elasticsearch clusters on AWS. With Amazon ES, you can ingest and process billions of events per day, and explore the data using Kibana to discover patterns. In this session, we use Apache web logs as example and show you how to build an end-to-end analytics solution. First, we cover how to configure an Amazon ES cluster and ingest data into it using Amazon Kinesis Firehose. We look at best practices for choosing instance types, storage options, shard counts, and index rotations based on the throughput of incoming data. Then we demonstrate how to set up a Kibana dashboard and build custom dashboard widgets. Finally, we dive deep into the Elasticsearch query DSL and review approaches for generating custom, ad-hoc reports.

Duration: 53:11
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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