AWS re:Invent 2017: A story of Netflix and AB Testing in the User Interface using Dy (DAT308)

Netflix runs hundreds of multivariate A/B tests a year, many of which help personalize the experience in the UI. This causes an exponential growth in the number of user experiences served to members, with each unique experience resulting in a unique JS/CSS bundle. Pre-publishing millions of permutations to the CDN for each build of each UI simply does not work at Netflix scale. In this session, we discuss how we built, designed, and scaled a brand new Node.js service, Codex. Its sole responsibility is to build personalized JS/CSS bundles on the fly for members as they move through the Netflix user experience. We’ve learned a ton about building a horizontally scalable Node.js microservice using core AWS services. Codex depends on Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB to meet the streaming needs of our 100 million customers.

Duration: 53:41
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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