AWS re:Invent 2017: Auto Scaling Prime Time: Target Tracking Hits the Bullseye at Ne (CMP311)

Auto Scaling allows cloud resources to scale automatically in reaction to the dynamic needs of customers, which helps to improve application availability and reduce costs. New target tracking scaling policies for Auto Scaling make it easy to set up dynamic scaling for your application in just a few steps. With target tracking, you simply select a load metric for your application, set the target value, and Auto Scaling adjusts resources as needed to maintain that target. In this session, you will learn how you can use target tracking to setup sound scaling policies “without the fuss”, and improve availability under fluctuating demand. Netflix is spending $6 billion on original content this year, with shows like The Crown, Narcos, and Stranger Things, and plenty more in the future. Hear how they’re using target tracking scaling policies to improve performance, reliability and availability around the world at prime times, without over-provisioning – and without guesswork. They will share some best practices examples of how target tracking allows their infrastructure to automatically adapt to changing traffic patterns in order to keep their audience entertained and their costs on target.

Duration: 52:17
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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