AWS re:Invent 2017: Building .NET-based Serverless Architectures and Running .NET Co (ARC318)

In this session, we first look at common approaches to refactoring common legacy .NET applications to microservices and AWS serverless architectures. We also look at modern approaches to .NET-based architectures on AWS. We then elaborate on running .NET Core microservices in Docker containers natively on Linux in AWS while examining the use of AWS SDK and .NET Core platform. We also look at the use of the various AWS services such as Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS, Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon DynamoDB, which provide the backbone of the platform. For example, Experian Consumer Services runs a large ecommerce platform that is now cloud based in the AWS. We look at how they went from monolithic platform to microservices, primarily in .NET Core. With a heavy push to move to Java and open source, we look at the development process, which started in the beta days of .NET Core, and how the direction Microsoft was going allowed them to use existing C# skills while pushing themselves to innovate in AWS. The large, single team of Windows based developers was broken down into several small teams to allow for rapid development into an all Linux environment.

Duration: 1:1:23
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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