AWS re:Invent 2017: Expedia flies with DynamoDB: lightning fast stream processing fo (DAT324)

Building rich, high-performance streaming data systems requires fast, on-demand access to reference data sets, to implement complex business logic. In this talk, Expedia will discuss the architectural challenges the company faced, and how DAX + DynamoDB fits into the overall architecture and met their design requirements. Additionally, you will hear how DAX that enabled Expedia to add caching to their existing applications in hours, which previously was taking much longer. Session attendees will walk away with three key outputs: 1) Expedia’s overall architectural patterns for streaming data 2) how they uniquely leverage DynamoDB, DAX, Apache Spark, and Apache Kafka to solve these problems 3) the value that DAX provides and how it enabled them to improve our performance and throughput, reduce costs, and all without having to write any new code.

Duration: 39:59
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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