AWS re:Invent 2017: GPU (G3) Applications in Media and Entertainment Workloads (CMP213)

GPUs have a large application in Media and Entertainment workloads. From backend video processing and creation workloads such as VFX/Rendering, transcoding and broadcast playout to high-end creatives as well as video editing workloads. Backed by the NVIDIA Tesla M60 GPUs, G3 instances offer unparalleled power and flexibility to do complex modeling, 3D visualization, computer aided design, seismic visualization, video encoding. G3 instances are the first Amazon EC2 instances to support NVIDIA GRID Virtual Workstation capabilities, with streaming support for four monitors each with up to 4K resolution, and hardware encoding to support up to 10 High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) H.265 1080p30 streams or up to 18 H.264 1080p30 streams per GPU for faster video frame processing and improved image fidelity. In this session we will highlight two criticial Media workloads Video Editing via remote application streaming and Broadcast Playout origination from the AWS cloud. We will have Pop Media discuss their remote video editing in the cloud that enables secure remote, real-time editorial and image processing session views. This will be followed by Evertz regarding Discovery Channel’s broadcast Playout application for several live Discovery channels currently.

Duration: 58:51
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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