AWS re:Invent 2017: How HubSpot Got Beyond Four 9s of Availability on AWS Using Sign (DEV303)

Hubspot relies on the performance of their business-critical cloud applications; any emerging issues must be addressed immediately. Running a microservices environment made up of thousands of instances to support 45 different teams means that unexpected changes can have a major impact. Manual intervention is often not fast enough to catch emerging anomalies and to maintain the level of availability required. In this session, we discuss how we’ve built our own tooling around our CD pipeline and how we’ve utilized automation to exponentially improve our MTTR. Learn how: Hubspot manages a microservices environment to enable hundreds of deployments a day; leveraging SignalFx detectors help proactively determine emerging issues; automatically invoking AWS services reduces usage-related failures; visibility across an entire AWS environment improves MTTR.

Session Sponosored by: SignalFx

Duration: 39:16
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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