AWS re:Invent 2017: KAR Auction Services’ Journey To The Cloud (BAP201)

You want to build something innovative. You want to deliver applications in a flexible and agile environment. Most of all, you want to embrace the performance, efficiency, and cost benefits of cloud services. Sounds amazing, but many still struggle with the challenges of getting there. KAR Auction Services, together with its subsidiaries, has embraced a cloud-native approach to providing services in a quick, innovative, and simplified way. Their latest greenfield project? Build an end-to-end vehicle auction website on the AWS Cloud. Join Capgemini, AWS and Gary Watkins, chief information officer for KAR Auction Services’ IT Shared Services department, to hear real-life examples on how to get started, how to overcome the struggles, and how to take advantage of the cloud for added benefits.

Session sponsored by Capgemini

Duration: 1:3:13
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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