AWS re:Invent 2017: NEW LAUNCH! Realtime and Offline application development using G (MBL404)

All application developers today need to be concerned with offline access, realtime communications and efficient data fetching. These techniques are no longer optional for great user experiences yet are difficult to engineer and scale from scratch. In this session you’ll get a deep dive on using AWS AppSync to enable your applications for offline access, including optimistic updates on lossy connections, with just a few lines of code. You’ll learn how application data synchronization takes place with the cloud, how you can control the process, programming interfaces for native applications such as iOS and JavaScript based applications across the web, React Native, and Ionic. Additionally you’ll see how using GraphQL enables your application to efficiently leverage the network for queries and mutations while still having a scalable and fast connection for realtime updates when using subscriptions to data changes.

Duration: 49:9
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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