AWS re:Invent 2017: Optimizing Performance and Efficiency for Amazon EC2 and More wi (ARC329)

Every day, systems architects and cloud architects have to size cloud workloads for performance and efficiency. Do you choose T2, C3, C4, M3, or something else for your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance type? Do you need more CPUs, memory, or both? What about distributed applications across regions and Availability Zones? How do IT teams determine the right instance family and size for AWS workloads? Turbonomic solves these challenges with you. Their real-time hybrid cloud management platform can ensure that your workloads get the right resources in real time to assure performance across the compute, storage, network, application, and database layers of AWS, and across your hybrid cloud infrastructure. Get a crash course in understanding workload performance characteristics, and how Turbonomic matches to AWS resources to assure real-time, efficient performance for your AWS environment, with the ability to fully automate these processes. Whether you’re new to the platform or regular users of Amazon EC2, learn to take the guesswork out of what makes each Amazon EC2 instance family unique and appropriate for your business and technical requirements.

Session sponsored by Turbonomic, Inc.

Duration: 58:42
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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