AWS re:Invent 2017: Optimizing Serverless Application Data Tiers with Amazon DynamoD (SRV301)

As a fully managed database service, Amazon DynamoDB is a natural fit for serverless architectures. In this session, we dive deep into why and how to use DynamoDB in serverless applications, followed by a real-world use case from CapitalOne leveraging Mainframe data.

First, we dive into the relevant DynamoDB features, and how you can use it effectively with AWS Lambda in solutions ranging from web applications to real-time data processing. We show how some of the new features in DynamoDB, such as Auto Scaling and Time to Live (TTL), are particularly useful in serverless architectures, and distill the best practices to help you create effective serverless applications. In the second part, we talk about how CapitalOne migrated billions of Mainframe transactions to a completely serverless architecture and built a scalable, resilient and fast transaction platform by leveraging DynamoDB, AWS Lambda and other services within the serverless ecosystem.

Duration: 54:8
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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