AWS re:Invent 2017: SAGE Bionetworks, the Digital Mammography DREAM Challenge and Ho (LFS301)

DREAM Challenges pose fundamental questions about systems biology and translational medicine. Designed and run by a community of researchers from a variety of organizations, the challenges invite participants to propose solutions, fostering collaboration and building communities in the process. The Sage Bionetworks Synapse platform, which powers many research consortiums including the DREAM Challenges, are starting to put into practice model cloud-initiatives that not only provide impactful discoveries in the areas of neuroscience, infectious disease, and cancer, but are also revolutionizing scientific research by enabling an interactive consortium science platform. In this session, you learn how to build a “consortium model” of research in order to connect research organizations with non-profit organizations, technology companies, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies. You can also learn about how to leverage machine learning, Amazon ECS, and R for consortium-based science initiatives.

Duration: 50:28
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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