AWS re:Invent 2017: Security Anti-Patterns: Mistakes to Avoid (FSV301)

At AWS, security is job zero. Our infrastructure is architected for the most data-sensitive, financial services companies in the world. We have worked with global enterprises to meet their respective security requirements and have learned that there are best practices and pitfalls to avoid. In this session, we provide a guided tour of governance patterns to avoid – ones that may seem logical at first, but that actually impede your ability scale and realize business agility. We also cover best practices, such as setting up key preventative and detective controls for implementing 360-degrees of security coverage, practicing DevSecOps on a massive scale, and leveraging the AWS services (such as Amazon VPC, IAM, Amazon EMR, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudWatch, and AWS Lambda) to meet the most strict and robust enterprise security requirements.

Duration: 45:
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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