AWS re:Invent 2017: The Nanoservices Architecture That Powers BBC Online (DAT322)

The BBC’s website and apps are used around the world by an audience of millions who read, watch, and interact with a range of content. The BBC handles this scale with an innovative website platform, built on Amazon ElastiCache and Amazon EC2 and based on nanoservices. The BBC has over a thousand nanoservices, powering many of its biggest webpages. Explore its nanoservices platform and use of ElastiCache. Learn how Redis’s ultra-fast queues and pub/sub allow thousands of nanoservices to interact efficiently with low latency. Discover intelligent caching strategies to optimize rendering costs and ensure lightning fast performance. Together, ElastiCache and nanoservices can make real-time systems that can handle thousands of requests per second.

Duration: 47:27
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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