AWS re:Invent 2017: Tools Won’t Fix Your Broken DevOps (DEV345)

DevOps is everywhere, but too often, people think they can buy “DevOps in a box” and just sprinkle some tools and automation over your broken or slow (or even super-fast AWS) stack. But we all know that software delivery is still hard. So what is this crazy DevOps thing, and why and how does it make things better? In this session, Jez and Nicole talk about what they’ve found working with dozens of organizations and conducting the largest DevOps research studies to date, covering over 23,000 data points across 2,000 organizations around the world. We start with the outcomes that companies care about: organizational performance, software delivery performance, and software quality. We then define what DevOps is, how you measure it, and how the best, most innovative teams and organizations are using it to drive improvements in performance and quality.

Duration: 54:24
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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