AWS re:Invent 2018: Building with AWS Databases: Match Your Workload to the Right Database (DAT301)

We have recently seen some convergence of different database technologies. Many customers are evaluating heterogeneous migrations as their database needs have evolved or changed. Evaluating the best database to use for a job isn’t as clear as it was ten years ago. We’ll discuss the ideal use cases for relational and nonrelational data services, including Amazon ElastiCache for Redis, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Neptune, and Amazon Redshift. This session digs into how to evaluate a new workload for the best managed database option.┬áPlease join us for a speaker meet-and-greet following this session at the Speaker Lounge (ARIA East, Level 1, Willow Lounge). The meet-and-greet starts 15 minutes after the session and runs for half an hour.

Duration: 48:3
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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