AWS re:Invent 2018: [REPEAT 1] Build Your Own Log Analytics Solutions on AWS (ANT323-R1)

With Amazon Elasticsearch Service’s simplicity comes a multitude of opportunity to use it as a back end for real-time application and infrastructure monitoring. With this wealth of opportunities comes sprawl – developers in your organization are deploying Amazon Elasticsearch Service for many different workloads and many different purposes. Should you centralize into one Amazon Elasticsearch Service domain? What are the tradeoffs in scale and cost? How do you control access to the data and dashboards? How do you structure your indexes – single tenant or multi-tenant? In this session, we’ll explore whether, when, and how to centralize logging across your organization to minimize cost and maximize value and learn how Autodesk has built a unified log analytics solution using Amazon Elasticsearch Service.

Duration: 58:9
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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