AWS re:Invent 2018: [REPEAT 1] Databases on AWS: The Right Tool for the Right Job (DAT205-R1)

Shawn Bice, VP of Non-Relational Databases at AWS, discusses a purpose-built strategy for databases, where you choose the right tool for the job. Shawn explains why your application should drive the requirements of a database, not the other way around. We introduce AWS databases that are purpose-built for your application use cases. Learn why you should select different database services to solve different aspects of an application, and watch a demonstration in which application use cases lend themselves well to specific data services. If you’re a developer building modern applications that require high performance, scale, and functional databases, and you’re trying to determine which relational and non-relational data services to use, this session is for you.

Duration: 55:40
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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