AWS Releases Management Portal for VMware vCenter

For organizations using VMware infrastructure, Amazon AWS has released its AWS Management Portal for vCenter. The plug-in for VMware vCenter is free and now available to install. Customers will only be charged for AWS cloud hosting services consumed using the portal.

amazon-awsThe portal interface would be simple to use and is designed to make it easy for users with VMware experience to get started with AWS cloud hosting services. The portal installs as a vCenter plug-in within an existing vCenter environment.

The AWS Management Portal for vCenter includes support for Amazon EC2 and VM Import. Using the portal, users can migrate existing VMware VMs to Amazon EC2, launch new EC2 instances, create VPCs and Subnets, and manage EC2 instances. AWS will add additional functionality to the portal over the coming months.

Active Directory

AWS resources created using the portal run in an AWS account, so users get all of the benefits of AWS when managing resources using vCenter. Other AWS tools can be used in combination with the portal as well, including the AWS Management Console and AWS CLI.

As the portal includes Single Sign-On support for Active Directory, Enterprises would be able to offer self-service access to AWS to their internal users. It provides integrated Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC), so users can set fine-grained permissions for what end-users can view, create, or modify. Cloud hosting resources created within the portal are automatically tagged, so administrators can also generate tag-based cost allocation reports for any resources that users create with the portal.