AWS Seattle Big Data Meetup | DynamoDB Streams and Cross-region Replication

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Software applications nowadays are experiencing an accelerated growth in the amount of data they are required to process. As more software developers look to the cloud to solve scalability issues, many are choosing AWS DynamoDB as their NoSQL solution. One interesting challenge that follows is keeping data in-sync across various distributed locations, a crucial feature for application performance and failure recovery.

With the launch of AWS DynamoDB Streams, which exposes an event log of writes as a native service, real-time cross-region replication can be easily set up and maintained client-side. In this talk Daniela Miao, Software Developer on the DynamoDB team, addresses some of the challenges in setting up these replicas. The talk is followed by a live demonstration of how AWS Lambda can help bootstrap a real-time replica in an intuitive and cost-efficient manner.

Duration: 58:4
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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