AWS Summit Series 2016 | New York – Continuous Integration with Amazon ECS and Docker

One of the most fundamental challenges of CI/CD is the ability to balance between Quality, Time, and Cost. Amazon ECS and Docker with Amazon ECR changed the game by making resource management simple. Learn more about Amazon ECS and Docker at

For Okta, it has enabled the Continuous Integration team to maximize throughput while minimizing cost.  In this session we will show you how Okta has created a flexible CI system with ECS, Docker, ECR, AWS Lambda, AWS CloudFormation, Amazon RDS, and Amazon SQS.  Okta runs 30,000 tests with each developer commit, and releases 10,000 new lines of code each week to production.  The CI system, built 100% on AWS, must be able to handle load while keeping cost under control.  This talk is oriented toward developers looking to achieve efficient resource and cost management without compromising speed or quality.

Duration: 50:42
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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