AWS Supports You: Building Machine Learning from the Ground Up

AWS Supports You: Building Machine Learning from the Ground Up, gives viewers on the channel an overview of Machine learning at Amazon, Machine learning solution stack, AWS solution stack introduction, a Demo using and integrating AWS ML services, an Amazon SageMaker introduction, a demonstration to flow using SageMaker Studio and Autopilot, Overview of AWS support services there to help and new ML proactive services. This series showcases best practices and troubleshooting tips from AWS Support. This episode originally aired on April 19, 2021.

Machine learning growth: 2:13
How can AWS help with ML: 3:52
The ML process: 5:47
ML stack at AWS: 7:03
Amazon Ground truth: 10:00
Amazon SageMaker: 15:15
DevOps in ML: 17:24
AWS AL Services: 18:36
Demo 1, AI services: 21:14
Demo 2, SageMaker auto pilot: 25:58
AWS Support Plans: 39:28
AWS ML Proactive support services:

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Duration: 00:46:04
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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