AWS Supports You: Building Serverless Applications

AWS Supports You: Building Serverless Applications, gives viewers on the channel an overview of Serverless applications at Amazon, AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB and how to get started with Serverless. This series showcases best practices and troubleshooting tips from AWS Support. This episode originally aired on November 15, 2021.

Intros 0:00
Overview 1:31
Three-tier architectures 2:31
Servers 3:23
What is Serverless? 4:55
AWS operational responsibility models 5:53
Serverless is more than compute 7:04
AWS Lambda and event driven architectures 8:27
Optimizing AWS Lambda runtime environment 13:22
Serverless Tracing and Monitoring 14:35
Demo Lambda Console and IDE 17:07
Amazon API Gateway overview and benefits 27:17
Supported API Protocols 30:34
API architecture patterns 33:48
Authorization and authentication 38:37
Amazon DynamoDB overview and benefits 40:37
End to end Serverless app example 44:04
How to get started and the Serverless toolkit 46:08

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Duration: 00:48:34
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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