AWS Supports You – Driving Operational Excellence using AWS Well-Architected

AWS Supports You: Driving Operational Excellence using AWS Well-Architected gives viewers on the channel guidance on Intro to AWS Well-Architected, Intro to Operational Excellence (OE), How AWS Support helps you drive OE, Overview of the OE pillar design principles, Overview of the best practice areas for OE and More resources to learn about OE. This episode originally aired on September 20, 2021.

1:38 – AWS Approach with Operational Excellence
4:10 – AWS Well-Architected
8:44 – Operational Excellence (OE)
15:41 – OE Design Principles
27:03 – Demo OE Design Principles using AWS Services
36:40 – Continue with OE Design Principles

Overview of AWS Well-Architected:
Operational Excellence Design Principles:
AWS Trusted Advisor:
AWS Knowledge Center:
Enterprise Support Operations Review:
AWS Personal Health Dashboard :
AWS Service Health Dashboard:
AWS Health API:
Blue/Green Deployment pipeline blog:
Root-cause-analysis (RCA):
Post-incident analysis:
Correction of Errors (CoE):

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