AWS Supports You | Evaluating EC2 Network Performance

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AWS Supports You: Evaluating EC2 Network Performance gives viewers on the channel an overview of why networks matter, networking performance features, architectural performance, and performance concepts and testing. This series showcases best practices and troubleshooting tips from AWS Support. This episode originally aired on May 9th, 2022.

Intro: 0:00
Agenda: 1:04
Why networks matter: 1:37
AWS Network Performance Features: 4:37
Question from audience: 8:27
Architectural Performance: 9:20
Performance Concepts: 13:54
Performance Testing: 22:20
ENA Performance Considerations: 37:52
Performance testing: how?: 41:59
Testing tips: 43:50
Sample application test: 47:09
Recap: 52:36

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Duration: 00:53:59
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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